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NLG International Committee Retreat

March 6, 6 pm MST - March 8, 2 pm MST

Where: Denver, CO
Sturm College of Law

The National Lawyers Guild International committee annual retreat will take place from Friday evening, March 6, through Sunday afternoon, March 8, 2015, in Denver. We invite you to join us for 2 days of business meetings and interesting, informative discussions and programs, including innovative discussion on indigenous rights, drones and targeted killing, and environmental human rights.

The International Committee retreat is an opportunity for full day business meetings, planning, convention workshop proposal development and more.

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Arrival by 6pm

6:00 9:00pm Welcome dinner and discussion on struggles for justice in Denver. Venue TBA.


Sturm College of Law, 2255 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO.

8 am-8:30 am - Welcome by Ved Nanda and the Sturm College of Law's Nanda Center on International and Comparative Law and by IC Co-Chairs

8:30 am - noon - Short (15-30 minute) Committee/Delegate presentations/discussions on the work of subcommittees (Task Force on the Americas, Palestine, Cuba, Haiti, Philippines, Africa, Environmental Human Rights, Indigenous People's Rights, Middle East/North Africa)

Noon -1:30 pm - panel / book presentation / discussion - Drones and Targeted Killing - Marjorie Cohn (Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law), Jeanne Mirer (President, International Association of Democratic Lawyers), and David Akerson (Professor, Sturm College of Law)

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm - presentation / discussion by Professor Glenn Morris (Denver AIM) on indigenous peoples liberation struggles and the United Nations and international community

3:30 pm - 6 pm - IC business meeting following up from the morning presentations by the various IC subcommittees

6 pm - 9 pm - Dinner followed by ongoing discussions of IC business and IC subcommittee work


9:00a Check in

9:15a 12:00p IC Strategy and business, IADL work, Long-term IC plans, Convention workshops

12:00p Potential Indigenous People's Rights action (in planning)

1:30 p - Wrapup and adjournment - leave to Denver airport

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Bishop Tutu speaking


"Your interest and support has been a great encouragement to us at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

-- Desmond Tutu on the Guild's work in South Africa


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