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International legal organizations

That share a vision for international social justice

International Association of Democratic Lawyers
Web site:www.iadllaw.org
Guild contact:
19949 Shrewsbury Road, Detroit, MI 48221;
(248) 398-9800

American Association of Jurists
Web site: www.aaj.org.br/aaj_english.asp
Guild Contact:
Thomas Jefferson School of Law,
2121 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110;
(619) 374-6923

Latin American Association of Labor Lawyers (ALAL)
Guild Contact:
917 SW Oak Street, Suite 426,
Portland, OR 97205;
(503) 525-8454

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign
P.O. Box 303, Prince Station
New York, New York 10012-0006
Website: www.vn-agentorange.org

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
A unique think tank for human rights founded in 1965
P.O. Box 673
Berkeley, CA 94701-0673

Website: www.mcli.org

American Association of Law Schools
International Human Rights Section
Website: vls.law.villanova.edu/clinics/aals/

Law Union of Ontario
The NLG’s sister organization in Ontario Canada founded in 1974.

Website: www.lawunion.ca

US Human Rights Network
A Network focused on domestic human rights violations and committed to merging the human rights movement with movements for social justice in the U.S.A.
250 Georgia Avenue SW Suite 330
Atlanta, GA 30312
Telephone: 404-588-9761

Website: www.ushrnetwork.org

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
90 John Street, Suite 308
New York, New York 10038
Telephone: 212-253-1710

Website: www.nesri.org

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
P.O. Box 745
Joseph, OR 97846
Telephone: 541-432-0597

Website: www.ijdh.org


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Bishop Tutu speaking


"Your interest and support has been a great encouragement to us at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

-- Desmond Tutu on the Guild's work in South Africa


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